Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila Featured in Natural Awakenings

The Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Natural Awakenings
Dell’Aquila, Paul
As women age, keeping their hormones in proper balance becomes increasingly challenging. Once hormone levels decrease, the susceptibility to certain conditions associated with aging such as osteoporosis and heart disease becomes more likely. For the countless women who think they don’t have options, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is an effective treatment for menopausal symptoms and for those suffering from mood swings, migraines, fatigue, anxiety, depression and other conditions that result from hormone imbalances.

BHRT is the use of supplemental doses of hormones that have a chemical structure identical to the hormones the human body naturally produces. Unlike synthetic hormones, which do not have the same biochemical structure as those of humans, BHRT hormones are obtained from natural sources and are mixed by specialized pharmacies to match the exact molecular structure of the patient’s hormones.

While some synthetic hormones have been found to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in certain patients, there has been no significant research to suggest the same health risks to patients using BHRT. Working with a specialist trained in BHRT, women can realize the benefits of re-achieving hormonal balance and feel confident that their treatment plan will evaluate and address the possible risks for certain types of cancers and other health conditions.

For women of any age, but especially those near or in menopause, BHRT offers a cutting-edge approach to improving and stabilizing many medical conditions, and to experiencing overall improvement in health and well-being.

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