It has been my please to a patient of Dr. Jackson. Besides his great bedside manner, his staff is absolutely wonderful. I have always thought it would be great to walk into an environment where you are met with professional, caring and a nice smile. Well, that is definitely Jackson Dermatology, everyone in the office is always happy to see me and they know my name. I will continue to have my dermatologic needs met here and will definitely continue to refer my friends and family. This really is a wonderful office to visit and I really know that they care.
–M. E. Currie

Dr. Michael Jackson has performed a miracle!!! He helped me clear up my affliction that I thought was going to kill me. It turns out I had a massive infection on my skin (arm & ankle) with the sores full of yucky stuff and bleeding. It has been 3 weeks now and it has completely cleared up and all I have is some discoloration that I know he can also fix. He is an absolute life-saver!!!
–Jocelyn Pitts (Brooklyn, NY)

I came to Dr. Jackson’s office with my sister who I was visiting with during the holidays. I got a cosmetic consult done and decided to have the Titan skin tightening procedure before I went back home to Chicago. WOW!!!! I did not tell anyone, not even my husband. He just kept looking me asking what I did differently. Everyone at work wants to know what I did to lose all this weight and look so much younger. Well, I finally confessed and now two of my colleagues from Chicago are flying into NYC so that Dr. Jackson can make them look as good as me. Trust me, he is the BEST!!!
–M Moore (Senior VP Bank of America, Chicago)

I have seen Dr. Jackson for several skin problems in the past but most recently he removed a lime sized cyst from my neck. I was always afraid to take it off but he made me comfortable with getting it done. His work was meticulous. No one even knows that it was there. I just want to want to thank him for his great work. I am so appreciative. Great Job as usual.
–S Reid (Brooklyn)

I am a 15 year old high school student who is really happy with Dr. Jackson. When I met him I had a lot of acne and I didn’t like how I looked. Now, I am happy and confident and know that I am cute. Thanks Dr. Jackson.

Dr Jackson is really a great doctor. Although I waited a while, when he came into the room he answered every single question I had and really made me less nervous about my skin condition. He is really one of the most caring and considerate doctors I have ever met. I had my follow-up three weeks later and most of the 5 issues (yes, I waited a while before seeing him) were gone. His office is beautiful and the fish tank really makes it a relaxing and comfortable environment. I will tell everyone I know about this man. He and his staff really made me feel like family.
–M. P Johnson

Please feel free to leave a remark about your experiences with our office.

I have been a patient of Dr. Michael E. Jackson for more than a decade. During each office visit over the years he took the time to listen to me. I emphasize he “took the time” because sometimes-I can be long winded. And after listening to me, examining me, analyzing my derm problem, he explained what was going go. On each occasion he prescribed a resolution to the problem of that day. And each time his advice worked. Most doctors these days run their patients in and out of their offices faster than the lead car at NASCAR. But Dr. Jackson is notfrom that mold. Instead he is a true disciple of Hippocrates, who is recognized by the medical profession, at large, as the father of medicine. The Hippocratic Oath is the bible that all doctors are supposed to follow. I looked up what this Oath means and in part of it says: “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.” I am extremely satisfied that I have found a doctor who subscribes to that Oath. I will call upon “Dr. J”, who I have heard a lot of his patients call him with affection at his office, for any potential or real problems that I might have in the future. And I will follow his advice when he says “Don’t wait to call me when it’s super bad…call me when you think something is initially wrong”. So, right now I’m just a happy patient, following Dr. J’s advice. Following his written instructions. And I’m looking good!!! I have referred friends, colleagues and family members to him. They all have expressed thanks to me for the introduction.
–Michael Christopher Forth ?

My baby had really bad eczema and itched and scratched all the time. Dr. Jackson was so kind and caring with my son that at the end of the visit the baby was laughing and I was crying. Well, it’s been 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is my son the happy little non-scratcher that he is supposed to be, he even sleeps better through the night. Halleluiah!!! Thanks Dr. Jackson, you have a patient for life!!!

To whom it may concern:

I am writing you this letter to recommend Dr. Michael Jackson, on his excellent medical services that I received over this past weekend. I need to tell you the chain of events that happened to me and how well he responded to me and my medical crisis.

I placed a call to Dr Jackson’s answering service on Friday, May 23rd in the morning. I got a response from him promptly. I advised him that I was having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic called Clindamycin. My legs were very swollen from my thighs to my feet and my arms and hands were swollen as well. My skin had a reddish color to it. I looked like a lobster. My skin was peeling also. I told Dr. Jackson that I had no problems with my breathing. He told me to go immediately to the emergency room and I went to the emergency room at Downstate Hospital shortly after speaking to him. The doctor at Downstate examined me and saw that I was having an allergic reaction and sent me home and told me to take Benadryl. My limbs were still very swollen and I came home as directed Dr. Jackson called me later on during the day and was shocked that I was home and that I was only told to take Benadryl. Dr. Jackson got into action and immediately asked me the name of my pharmacy and telephone number and called over some medicine for me to take. This took place on Saturday, May 24th. I began to take what he prescribed and I began to feel just a little bit better. I spoke with Dr. Jackson again on Sunday, May 25th, and he was very concerned about how I was doing, he told me to come into his office on Tuesday, May 27th around 11am. By Tuesday, May 27th, the swelling was going down but slowly. I saw Dr. Jackson on Tuesday May 27th, and I was so glad to be in his office. He told me how serious the allergic reaction was and he was glad that I was alive and in his office. I am so grateful for Dr. Jackson. I believe had it not been for his prompt medical attention, over the telephone, I would not be in the healing process of my ordeal. Dr. Jackson is and always, has been the best doctor that I have known. His concern and dedication is amazing. I do not know that I would have done had Dr. Jackson not been available to me on that fateful Memorial Day Weekend. I will be for ever grateful. Sincerely yours,
–Taryn Dunn